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Why a wedding Photo Album ?

Explore our premium wedding photo albums to extend your memories of that special day. Each album is customized to your preferences and style to tell your love story in the most authentic way possible.

A wedding photo album to keep your memories alive

You’ve invested in a professional wedding photographer to immortalize your wedding. Undoubtedly, you’ve dedicated a significant budget to it. You’re thus eager to obtain high-quality photographs and a long-lasting wedding reportage, so that you can revisit your memories with nostalgia and happiness, perhaps shedding a tear and smiling, in 2, 5, or 10 years.

So why leave them stored, inactive, and invisible on a hard drive or, even worse, on a USB key? (yes, USB keys are evil!)

Digital photos, the “HD” file, are intangible objects that exist only as long as your electronic devices survive. A breakdown, a bad backup, or a USB key rewrite can happen so quickly!

It’s such a shame to invest so much in your memories and ultimately never really revisit them… because let’s be honest, who regularly looks at their hundreds of digital folders containing thousands of miscellaneous photos?

Yeah, that’s right, not many people…

Craft you own wedding photo albums ?

You may consider making your own wedding photo album using one of the many cheap and popular online publishers.

However, keep in mind that you have invested a considerable budget to create these memories, and your photographer has dedicated their expertise and professionalism to provide you with an exceptional reportage by carefully working on the lighting, contrasts, and color accuracy.

Printing this work using a generic printing service with standard printers and low-quality paper would be like fitting a 2-horsepower engine into a Ferrari body or adding water to a glass of Saint-Emilion 1985.

In other words, it would be a waste.

Plus, do you really have the time to spend several hours on this?

Why your photographer should create your wedding photo album ?

To materialize...

… an intangible object during the initial delivery. Upon delivering the photos, I provide you with access to an online gallery where you can download the HD files. While you can view them on your screens, the results may differ based on your brightness, contrast, and color settings. Therefore, to truly experience, touch, and feel the real outcome of my work, nothing beats a high-quality print from a French artisanal specialist who handcrafts our albums.

You will thus have in your hands a magnified version of my work, and more importantly, you will be able to flip through the pages at your own pace, feeling them slide between your fingers.

To tell...

… the story of your most beautiful day, that’s my goal as a wedding photographer. I aim to deliver a comprehensive reportage of your wedding day, narrating the story like a novel.

This story is told through images, against the backdrop of the events of the day. It’s written by the looks, laughs, embraces, and tears that punctuate the photographic narrative.

Just like reading a book, you can read and reread your story, and share it with your friends and family in a lively way, gathering around a durable, timeless, and high-quality object instead of being once again disrupted by the addictive intrusion of a cold and dark screen.”

To pass down...

… A heritage of memories. Genealogy through images… I still remember as a child the joy I had exploring our family photo albums! And as a teenager, when I discovered the family albums dating back to my great-great-grandparents!

It will be a wonderful opportunity in the years to come to sit comfortably with your children or grandchildren on your laps, and relive together that fabulous day that marked the beginning of your family, in an album that will not have yellowed or faded.

A quality album made by a professional allows you to immerse yourself and relive moments of family memories that will be immortalized for generations to come.

The Value of a Photographer-Created Wedding Album

I am committed to working with local and French service providers who are skilled artisans with high standards. 

The albums are handmade with quality finishes on high-end photo paper, which closely adheres to all of my settings and requirements as a photographer. 

I offer a high-end large-format album with a customizable linen cover, lay-flat binding, and a matching wooden storage box.


I use the selected photos from the best-of to create the initial design of the album. I will present it to you for approval, and potentially make some adjustments based on your feedback.

Final touches

Once the layout has been approved, we will collaborate on defining the engraving style and content as well as the cover color.


Once the design is approved, I send the layout to production. Once I receive the album at my home, I thoroughly check it before sending it back to you. Alternatively, we can arrange a meeting for me to personally hand over the album to you.

Possible options for you Wedding photo Album

For even more enjoyment, you can decide to have me create parent copies: exact but smaller versions of your book that you can offer to your parents, grandparents, or other close people…

It is also entirely possible to have me open a “fund” on your personal space to finance your book with your loved ones, with or without copies, as a wedding gift.