Family Events Photographer Toulon & Hyères

Family Event photographer in Toulon : For precious memories

Baptism is a significant moment in your child’s religious life. However, if you follow in my parents’ footsteps and have your child baptized when they are still a baby, they will obviously have no memory of it! As a family photographer, I am here to capture the precious moments of your family’s life, and baptism is a key part of it.

That’s why I will be by your side to create natural, timeless, and authentic images that reflect the beauty and solemnity of this special day for you and your child.

With my documentary-style approach, I discreetly and simply document your ceremony, capturing and highlighting the key moments, emotional and tender moments shared with your family and friends.

In conclusion, you will have strong, meaningful, and emotional images that tell the story of this day in an authentic and natural way!

Family Event Photoreport

Between Toulon/Hyères et Brignoles
  • 3h of live-shooting
  • Sorting & processing
  • Online private gallery
  • Travel expense in Toulon/Brignoles area

FAQ for Family Event Photoreport

How far do you travel for Family events ?

I essentially work in the Toulon & Hyères area for small family events. I also frequently travel to Nice, so I can definitely come there for your baptism photo reports.

Do we have to pay for travel expenses ?

The travel expenses are included in the Toulon, Hyères, and Brignoles areas. Beyond that, the actual mileage costs (gas/tolls) will be charged in addition to the service fee.

How long will you be with us ?

The baptism package includes 1.5 hours of coverage. This allows us to start the reportage when your loved ones arrive on the location ground, cover the ceremony, and take family photos outside.
Depending on your preferences, we can of course expand the coverage to include the preparations and/or post-baptism reception.

How do we get the final photos ?

As soon as it is ready, photos are delivered on a private and secure online gallery which you can find under the “Client Gallery” tab. Accessible with a confidential code that you will receive by email, you will then have access to all the photos, to download them in HD or web format.

You can also give access directly to your loved ones so they can download the photos you have decided they can access. Finally, you can decide to order prints, canvas etc directly from the gallery for more convenience.

Can we order prints and photo-albums ?

You can easily order prints and enlargements from your gallery or directly from me.

And if you wish, I can create your high-quality photo album souvenir. Printed in France on thick high-end photo paper, the album with lay-flat opening is ideal for keeping your memories alive over time.