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Tenderly solar, softly intense, lightly the head in the clouds

As a passionate wedding photographer, my goal is to documente the most precious moments of your day to provide you with unforgettable memories. Based in Toulon, I travel throughout Provence, as well as in the Alps, in Savoie and abroad, to capture your wedding with my unique and artistic vision.

I’m a 37 yo wedding photographer in Provence, concerned by ecology, originally from Savoie (french Alps) but living by the sea on the cote-d’azur.

Sharing - Curiosity - Passion

©Cédric Stoecklin Photographe

Life passions : wedding photography & genealogy

True jack-of-all-trades, slightly hyperactive perhaps, endowed with an insatiable curiosity, I have an all-consuming passion for books, history, travels, explorations, cognitive development and languages. I’m Bilingual in English and French, fluent in Italian and Spanish, having learned Sign language, Swedish and Chinese.

As a kid, I wanted to be a genealogist, an astrophysicist and/or a photojournalist (I never thought of being wedding photographer). I was told that the first was not a real job, and for the second and the third, that there were only a handful of them and that I would not succeed.

So I kept these activities as passions, joining courses, clubs, competitions, and associations, and I became a speech & language therapist and zootherapist, specialized in autism spectrum disorders and high potential children. 

The epiphany of Wedding photography

After a few years of exercise in France and in China, I decided to go back to university, attended a history degree, and obtained a diploma in probate and family genealogy.

When I was asked to be a wedding photographer for the first time, it was an epiphany. I wanted to spend my life reporting on happiness, creating ageless memories to add to their family history, for loving and lovely couples. I left my job as SLP, and became a full-time wedding & family photojournalist.

As a lifestyle wedding photographer, I love to capture stolen moments, complicity, emotions, happiness, and people just being themselves doing what they do best : being human.

I can’t wait to capture your memories on your wedding day!

Why become a wedding photographer in Provence ?

Photography has always been a background passion for me, from photography courses and clubs to exhibitions and contests, capturing lifestyle reportages during birthdays or family events, studio portraits, sports competitions, and even theatrical productions or personalized invitations.

I have been fortunate enough to receive awards in several photo contests, such as the “Amateur Photographers of Haute-Savoie” and public awards in various exhibitions held in Var and Haute-Savoie. I have also participated in photo exhibitions for the event “Printemps des Poètes.” Being an amateur suited me just fine…

Capturing the joy and beauty of weddings

Until the day a friend asked me to be his wedding photographer.

At first, I declined, feeling unprepared and overwhelmed by the responsibility. But after their persistent requests, I changed my mind, and it was the best decision I ever made. The experience was a revelation for me – I felt completely in my element, seeking out unique moments, capturing emotions, and immortalizing the joy and happiness of that special day. I loved constructing the wedding reportage, telling the story of the day, and giving them something to relive in the future.

And as fate would have it, I also met my soulmate, who became the wonderful father of my 2 wonderful little girls. When the groom’s cousin falls for the wedding photographer, who also happens to be the cousin of the two witnesses, it creates some sparks!

Encouraged by this joyful group who believed in me, I decided to launch my full-time wedding and family photography business.

Fun Facts

Factoid :
When I was 8 yo, I tried to recruit all the neighborhood kids in an environmental protection association that I wanted to create. My goal ? To protect surrounding species from my little sister's "science" experiments. She took a perverse pleasure in lining up snails and then crushing them one by one while singing
Lego or playmobil ?
Playmobil FTW ! I' a complete fan, and I kept preciously my childhood playmobil toys. I can't wait for my daughter to be old enough to gift her plenty ( and above all, play with her ! Not shame at all). However, I trully love lego videogames
A failure ?
Don't laught but... My driving licence. I failed 5 times, and finally made it the 6th time, in 2013. It took me 10 years to get it. I had to really work on myself and my fears, to get rid of my anxiety and apprehension on the road. And I managed so well that I ended up driving one road-trip after another. My proudest trip ? 3400 km in the madness of italian and slovenian roads and 4000km in Scotland, with a rental right-end drive on...
Any particularities ?
I have to admit something to you : I suffer from auditory hypersensitivity and have a hard time tolerating loud noises, loud music or overlapping conversations. My brain disconnects to survive and I become useless. So don't be surprised if I wear earplugs during the party ! It's crucial for me to be able to ensure your photo reportage !
Your guilty pleasure ?
Watch a Pixar movie or a Rom-com where everything ends well and "they lived happily ever after", while sipping a tea with one or two small madeleines...
A confession to make ?
I am a very sensitive and emotional person. Even more so since I became a mom. It only takes a little bit of emotion and I cry. So, I often cry during your weddings (discreetly hidden behind my camera lens), of course, you are so beautiful and moving!
Et alors, Mer ou montagne ?
My heart belongs to Savoie, my mind wanders when I can frolic with light steps and dazzled eyes in the snowflakes, but since I've been living in Var, I must admit that living by the sea is really not bad either. The ideal location ? A place like Annecy: a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains => paradise on earth.
Are you weird ?
I live with my head in the stars, gliding on the clouds, daydreaming whenever I'm bored... There's a little bike in my brain that keeps spinning constantly. I see the world in color : the letters, the tastes, the days, and the months (which move in circles on the big wheel of time in my head...). And when someone talks to me, my poor brain only displays images : I visualize an animated representation of the words spoken, which means that I regularly burst out laughing alone at the incongruity of certain mental images... Yeah, I'm weird 😀
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Your wedding photographer in numbers

English speaking 98%
Globetrotter 100%
Van-life addict 100%
Handy, crafty 60%
Geek 30%
Sweet tooth 80%
open-mind & benevolence 100%

Green Photography: Embracing Eco-Responsibility

To uphold my values, I strive to make my actions as eco-friendly as possible in both my personal and professional life, while attempting to minimize my carbon footprint.

We follow a compass of actions that include recycling, repairing, composting, buying exclusively second-hand, crafting our own furniture, moving towards zero waste, tending to our own vegetable garden, cooking exclusively homemade food, supporting local businesses, limiting travel, and favoring green modes of transportation.

I believe in the possibility of an eco-friendly wedding, even a zero-waste wedding (challenge accepted?), and I want to contribute at my level to make this beautiful institution more carbon-neutral.

If these values resonate with you and seem important to uphold for your wedding, then we are a great match!

Do we have anything in common?

Do you dream of meeting me now?

Would you love to have me by your side to capture your wedding reportage? So what are we waiting for? Let’s meet up!